5 Reasons You Should Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

We are living in a mobile-friendly world and I am a mobile-friendly girl.

Eat your heart out, Madonna.

But seriously, even a poll done in 2016 shows that nearly 60% of searches on the internet come from mobile devices. That is insane to think about. With more than half of the users accessing your site coming from a mobile device or tablet, don’t you want to accommodate them the best you can? That’s just one of the reasons to make your website responsive.

User Experience is key

Using a website that is not responsive is annoying. Plain and simple. Technology has made us pretty big brats when it comes to having the convenience of having the information super highway at our finger tips. Imagine trying to navigate to a website like CNN.com and have it not be responsive. The text would be tiny and you would barely be able to read the font. You’d have to zoom and scroll constantly. In fact, on most websites you can scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a “show desktop version” or something similar. Go ahead and click that. You’ll see exactly why having a responsive website is so important to the user experience.

Potential to increase sales

Maybe you sell merchandise on your site. Maybe you sell beach front property in Oklahoma. Whatever it is you are selling, you will have a much better shot at cultivating — and finishing — sales if your website is responsive. The 3Q of 2017 brought e-commerce sales in at just over $115 billion. Let me write that with all the 0’s for effect.


Not only is that a big number, it’s also 3.6% higher than the previous quarter!

Now, we don’t have the 4Q numbers from 2017 yet, but let’s just say that e-commerce sales hovered around $450 billion in 2017 (holiday shopping would make 4Q the largest). According to Statista, nearly 25% of those e-commerce sales came from mobile devices. If I had a gavel, I would slam it right now and yell “case closed!”.

Make Google happy

If there is one person besides your parents that you should never let down, it’s Google. The gigantic, end-all-be-all search engine prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over sites that look like a 1995 Windows 3.1 Compaq Desktop. Specific I know, but we had one in my house. They love mobile-friendly sites so much, they even put together this article explaining that yes, they really like mobile-friendly sites. Since 2015, Google has been ranking mobile-friendly sites better than the latter thanks to a tweak in their algorithm. Check back next week, though, as Google changes their algorithm more than I change clothes.

Looks more professional

This one is simple. Look good, play good. If you’re website looks like it was built with GeoCities, contact me. Right now. It might not be too late.


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