Should I Add A Blog To My Business Website? Yes!

add a blog

How fitting that the first blog entry we bring you on Thunder Media is asking whether or not you should add a blog to your business website! The fact is, for a minimal amount of your time, you can be bolstering your website traffic and authority on search engine results.

When your webpage is built and everything is perfect, often times companies feel they are good to go. They aren’t wrong. Technically speaking, you have your brand out there, you have all your information on the page and your contact information is clearly exhibited. You begin to share that page with colleagues and potential customers and everything is business as usual.

But Why Should I Add a Blog?

One of the biggest reasons you should create a blog on your website is to show your customers that you are possess a wealth of knowledge in your particular field. With articles that inform, entertain and educate, you are driving home the fact that you — or your company — are the best choice for their business.

Help Google Find You!

Another reason to add a blog is to help your search engine results. When you create that perfect business website, it’s often times 5-10 pages total. About, services, contact, etc. That’s all fine and well, but those 5-10 pages don’t really give you a great opportunity to be pulled up in a search query. If you can commit to writing one blog post per week, that’s an additional 52 pages that will be indexed by search engines like Google. So if someone were to search “Should I Add A Blog To My Business Site?”, you could make sure your site is showing up on the first page.

add a blog

Share Your Awesome Content!

Once you add a blog and are off and blogging some good, informative and entertaining content written, you will possess one of the strongest marketing tools available. A link! Social media is roaring these days. I’m willing to bet you have an account on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you have some type of base that follows you. If so, sharing your link, and persuading others to share it as well, will fast track your site to the eyes of new potential customers. If you’ve set up a subscription service like MailChimp, you’ll be able to send this content to subscribers in the form of a monthly or weekly newsletter too!

Love Your Haters!

Networking and communication are key to the success of any business. Another great benefit to adding a blog to your site is the ability for people to leave comments. Maybe they have more questions for you or just have general feedback. Even in the event of negative comments, use the opportunity to respond calmly and show that you are not only open to criticism, but take it seriously too. You can also use your blog to network. Maybe you can set up a referral agreement. You can write on another businesses blog, and they will write on yours. That opens both of your businesses to contacts and clients that may not be aware of your — and their — services.

But How Do I Add a Blog?

If you want to know more about adding a blog to your site or have any other general questions. We’re always available to help you out! Just drop us a line and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible!

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