Content is King: Getting Help to Meet Your Publishing Frequency Goals

The old adage “Content is King” will forever hold true when it comes to building your web presence.

If you have the time, carefully curating engaging content will prove to be one of the most valuable things you can do to build and legitimize your website. However, some people just do not have the time to find a topic, become well-versed in said topic, then put the fingers-to-keys to spit out some thoughtful insight to the topic that other people would find interesting.

Heck, even if the topic you have is just a news story, being an aggregate site for a specific niche (sports, entertainment, etc) can be a daunting task since the news cycle is a 24/7/365 machine.

Not just for aggregates!

Maybe your website isn’t an aggregate, but is your company website. The best way to stay relevant in the eyes of Google is to always be updating. Most of the information on a company website will be mainstays that doesn’t really have the need of being updated on a regular basis. However, simply adding a blog section (like the one you’re on now!) can allow you to update your website multiple times per month, making you move your way up the Google ranks much faster!

But again, maybe running a business doesn’t allow you the time to post engaging content on your website?

This might be where it would be smart for you to look to farm out some of your content responsibilities. You won’t be off the hook in terms of creating content for your site, but you would at least not need to do it as often and get burned out. The key here is finding a company that will create the articles for you while not losing the voice that attracted your audience to your website in the first place.

Let us help you!

Thunder Media has been creating original content for over 10 years. We feel old just saying that, but I digress. The fact is, we have created over 4,000 pieces of original content that spans virtually any topic you can think of. The best part of our journey is that we can now pass our knowledge and skills on to you!

If you’re a company looking to add a blog section to your website and then fill the section on a regular basis, contact us today! We can set up a monthly fee with an agreement on frequency of articles. All artciles will be reviewed by you first before going live on the website too! AND we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! This means that if you don’t like, we will edit the piece until you’re satisfied!

If you’re in the market for content creation for your website, please contact us today so we can learn more about each other.

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