Multiple Page vs. One Page Websites

Ever since Al Gore invented the internet, we have been used to websites that contain multiple pages with all sorts of different information.

For example, this website that you’re on right now has a static home page (nerd alert), client page, contact page and blog. But why can’t we just smash all of this information onto one page for your surfing pleasure?

EUREKA! We can!

But is it worth it?

Moving all of your content onto a one-page website definitely stream lines the process of getting as much information to your consumer as possible during one visit, but it can also lead to slower load times. In a world where everyone wants everything right now and doesn’t want to wait for it, a slow loading page might cost you a client.

Blogs are often hard to integrate seamlessly when trying to keep with the one-page website. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but making it look nice and tidy might be a chore. The better option may be creating a blog under a subdirectory and simply linking to it from your one-page site. Although then you lose out on the SEO.

Unfortunately, the SEO thrives on content and when you have a one-page website, you obviously don’t have a lot of content. In addition, rather than share a link to your customer or contact page directly, you would be sharing your one-page URL with potential customers rather than sending them directly to the page you desire. It’s up to them to scroll to the correct area to contact you.

Can it be worth it?

Absolutely. Let’s say you are an established local business. Being that, you may not rely as heavily on SEO as someone that is just starting out. If you’re a known entity that is usually found via direct search on the Google Machine or the like, then you can focus more on streamlining the site and giving the information that people need without all the fluff.

Also, since it’s just the single page, you will have more options when customizing for mobile viewing, which is all the rage since there are 600 billion (probably) iPhones floating around out there. You can assume higher conversion rates as well if you have an email newsletter sign up option or something similar.

Lastly, it’s easier for guys like us to maintain. I mean it’s one page. I think we can handle that.


If you have more questions on what will work best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and bend our ears. We’ll try to give you the best advice and steer you in the right direction.

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