There Are Still Businesses Out There Without a Website

GASP! I know! Can you believe this? There are still businesses out there without a website!

How in the world, in the year of our Lord 2018, are there still people trying to conduct business without a web presence?!

Even if you’re old school — or your boss is old school — having a web site offers many different advantages for a relatively minimal amount of time.


Who would trust more? A person who hands you a business card that has a website on it; that you can find on Google; that you can read testimonials on; that explains or shows services. Or do you trust the guy handing you a business card with his/her name, phone number and email address that is hosted by

TIP: The only people you should trust with an email address ending in are your parents.

It’s 2018 and people love to cyber stalk a business before either making a call or sending an email. I, for instance, know that one of my neighbors is a landscaper. Am I going to go up and knock on his door like some sort of psychopath, or am I more inclined to search out his business online and contact him through that channel? Ding, ding, ding! The latter! If you guessed the former, shoot me an email from your email address and I’ll help you out with all of this!


Anyone can sign up for Ymail! or Gmail, so having one of those email address doesn’t really set you apart from anyone else. Having your domain for your company match the domain for your email is one of the easiest and most professional things you can do to advance your business. If nothing else, it will give your company legitimacy in the eyes of Google and your potential customers. As I said before, when you look at an email address, your first impression is almost always one of comfort and trust when you can see that the person has a customized email address that matching their web address.

Testimonials & Examples

Often times, Google will allow customers to review a business and they will attach it to the businesses Google My Business page. Don’t know what that is? EMAIL ME NOW. You can then take these reviews and compile a testimonial section on your website. In addition to that, you can give examples of your work. For us, we have a clients page. For a landscaper, they may have a photo gallery of their work. Same for a car detailer or florist. Giving potential customers more information and making them more familiar with your services is the final push that can get them through your doors.

Contact Forms

What’s easier than sending an email? Sending an email without having to navigate to your email client, copy and pasting an email address and then creating a whole letter explaining why you are contacting this person. Contact forms are the ultimate communication tool! Having the form right on your site allows the user to punch in their email, subject and a short message. This comes to you in the form of an email with the option to reply or call the person directly.

If you had to read that whole article to be convinced that you need a website for your business and you’re still not sure, send a message from the contact page and we’ll do our best to convince you further!!

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