Thunder Media Now Offering Website Design For New Low Price

For a limited time, Thunder Media will be offering their services to build one-page websites for as low as $500!

Whether you are looking for a simple web presence for your business or you’d like to make your personal blog stand out a little bit more, Thunder Media can help by creating a new, sleek one-page website where all of your information will be available on the home page.

What’s the deal?

Glad you asked! One-page websites are becoming more popular, especially for those small businesses that are already established in their respective community but would like a web presence to promote themselves to potential clients that may have been referred to them. The idea behind a one-page site is to have all of the information you deem pertinent on one page. For example, if you went to the home page and were specifically looking for the contact information, you would click on the “contact” button in the navigation menu. The website would then automatically scroll to the portion of the home page where the contact information would be shown.

While the search engine optimization is a bit more challenging with a one-page site, in today’s fast-paced-give-me-info-without-waiting world we live in, people often prefer the simplicity and directness of a one-page site.

Shoot an email to us with some information about your website and what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.

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